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Utah Rural Telecom Association (URTA) welcomes you and your company's membership and we look forward to meeting you during the annual conferences.

The annual dues for an associate membership into the URTA is $200 per year. Depending on their business territories, many of our associate members also belong to Idaho and Wyoming associations resulting in Tri-state membership. Membership to Tri-state is $600 ($200 each state) per year.

Associate membership in URTA provides you a networking opportunity with the top decision makers of Utah local exchange carriers, and to participate in our annual Spring meeting which is held in St. George, UT the second week of March, directly following the completion of the state legislative session. The Tri-state Conference is held in August and is hosted each year in one of the three states (Utah, Idaho, & Wyoming).
Associate Membership includes a listing on URTA's Website where you will be able to link your company's home page.

To join URTA, simply click on the button at the right to print out the application and return it, along with your check to the URTA office. We look forward to your association.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.




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